The Air Capital Flyers are a local program is completely operated by volunteers. The Flyers were founded in 2002 by Glenn Jones, who is also a volunteer and our Team Director. We are listed under the umbrella of Special Olympics Kansas, Inc. There are several other local programs that are a part of the South Central Area of Special Olympics Kansas. Those teams include the Derby Free Spirits, Sedgwick County Thunder Cats, Wichita Jayhawks and Wichita Independents. We work directly with Tim Rehder, serving as the South Central Area Director, who is employed by Special Olympics Kansas. Ali is responsible for organizing all aspects of our league play and regional events.


The Air Capital Flyers offer year round sports training and athletic competition for children and adults with intellectual disabilities. We participate in 11 of the 21 sports offered by Special Olympics Kansas. All sports are designed so that athletes of all skill levels can be successful. Once we receive your contact information, you will receive our general sports information for all the sports we offer. Athletes then need to notify us which sports they choose to participate in.

Our coaching staff is a diverse group of volunteers. We come from all walks of life, but have one thing in common; a desire to look past ones disability and form a friendship with our athletes. We spend countless hours working with and for the athletes, both on and off the playing field. Our desire to offer a top notch program for the athletes keeps us motivated, and the laughter and growth of our athletes keeps us coming back. I am grateful for the time and energy donated to the Flyers from all of our volunteers, regardless of the amount of time spent with us.

The Flyers offer our most of our sports at no cost to the athlete. Throughout the year we hold several fundraisers to raise the money needed secure practice facilities, purchase uniforms and equipment, and to attend the Area and State Competitions. We depend on private donations, grants and several other fund raising events to support the Flyers. Our most profitable fundraiser is Bingo, which is governed by the Kansas Department of Revenue, Charitable Gaming.

The weekly Bingo brings in the most funds, but also drains our volunteer’s time and energy. We ask that your family considers volunteering to assist with Bingo at least 4 times a year, which equates to 12 hours a year. Time spent assisting with any of our fund raising activities allows us to continue to offer all of our sports and special events at “No Charge” to the athletes.

Please check out our Activities list to review all the different sports we offer and the general time frame they are offered. We typically practice once or twice a week. Each sport generally runs six to eight weeks, and could include league play, as well as a Regional Event and State Event. All Regional events are held in the area, such as Wichita, Haysville and Maize. State Events are held at various locations across Kansas.