Swimming Season


Adding swimming and volleyball to the calendar for month of September makes for a very busy month.  Swimming has been a challenge to say the least.   Low motors will not start until October, as softball is already scheduled for Saturday mornings, and I was unable to secure a new location for low motors with a better time frame.  If you plan to attend low motors, please contact me in advance, I need to make sure I have coverage for the number of athletes attending.

Regular swim has a new location and a slightly improved time frame.

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Volleyball Season

The link below will get you to the upcoming volleyball season.  New athletes will be at Immanuel Baptist Church from 6-7 the first night.  Based on number of new athletes and returning athletes, new teams will be formed and scheduled.

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softball Season


Temperatures are just right to start softball.  (not)  The new state schedule has offered up a struggle for ball diamonds.   We will once again be hosting a shortened softball season at Nelson Elementary in Haysville.

Please review the attached schedule by clicking the link below.

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Diamond Layout:

Nelson Diamonds


Nelson School

Golf Season


We are about to enter a busy time of the year for Special Olympics sports.  We will be finishing up bowling soon and starting golf, softball and flag football.  By the end of September, we will be into swimming and volleyball.

We once again have a very short golf season.

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KMUW Voluneteer Story

Abigail Beckman’s volunteer story involving the Air Capital Flyers coaches will air December 20th on KMUW, 89.1. It will air several times throughout the day:  5:44 a.m., 7:44 a.m., 9:44 a.m. and again at 4:50 p.m. KMUW will also have a web post published that will have the audio and a text version of the story at www.kmuw.org .    

Dillon’s Community Rewards

Dillon’s Community Rewards –

The Air Capital Flyers Special Olympics team has been approved for the Dillon’s Community Rewards program. Fund-raising for the Air Capital Flyers could not be easier, Sign up to reward your points to the team by going on line at www.dillons.com and then simply swipe your Plus Shopper’s Card while shopping at your local Dillon’s.
How The Flyers Organization Earns:
• Simply encourage your members to register their Shopper Card online at https://www.dillons.com, using your organization name and/or NPO number. (37839)
• Purchase accumulations begin on February 1, 2015. After this date, individual purchases will begin counting towards your organization within 7-10 business days of registering the individual Shopper Card on-line.
• Every time a member shops for groceries and swipes their card, your organization automatically starts earning a rebate.

What Your Organization Earns
Dillons will pay up to $500,000 per cycle to participating organizations based on their percentage of spending as it relates to the total spending of all participating Dillons Community Rewards organizations.

Step by step instructions for those that might need them…

Go to www.dillons.com

Click on Community, then Community Rewards

Sign In or create your account if you have not.

Click Enroll Now

Under the Enter Your Organization number or or at least 3 letter of your organization name, enter 37839

Click the circle next to: Air Capital Flyers – Special Olympics Ks 37839

Click Enroll

The screen will pop up to your Account information, scroll down to the Community Rewards sections. The Air Capital Flyers – Special Olympics KS label should appear.

Thank you everyone that suggested we contact the Dillon’s Community Rewards, and all of you who sign up at Dillons.com with the Air Capital Flyers.