13 Nov
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Village Inn Holiday Pie Coupons


You can make your holiday season delicious and easier, all the while supporting the Air Capital Flyers.

Click the link to open: Village Inn Coupon

13 Nov
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Basketball Preseason Practices


Please click the link below to open the basketball handout for our December basketball practices.

As in the past, we will hold two practices to pull everyone together and then make roster adjustments.

Click to Open Preseason Practice Schedule: Basketball 15 Assessment

8 Nov
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Fall Classic: State Bowling & Volleyball Information


The links below will assist you with all the Fall Classic events:

Please remember the volleyball brackets are subject to change at anytime, include Friday morning.

Click to Open General Handout & current Volleyball Brackets: Volleyball-Bowling-State Trip 14

Click to Open Alphabetical Bowling Lane Assignments and Time: Bowling State Lane Assign Complete 2014

Click to Open which athletes still owe for their Friday night meal. ($15.00): Meal Fall Classic Count 2014
There is still $915.00 still owed to the team. Deadline was November 1st…. Please get this turned in by Wednesday, November 12.


Click to open Updated Volleyball Rules: Rules Volleyball 2014

Click to open & download Bowling Lane Assignments for Friday: Bowling State Lane Assign – Friday 2014

Click to open & download Bowling Lane Assignments for Saturday: Bowling State Lane Assignment – Saturday 2014

4 Nov
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Craft Show: Wreath

West Heights UMC Annual Craft Show

745 N. Westlink Ave.
Wichita, KS 67212

Saturday, November 8
Time: 9:00 am to 4 pm

The proceeds from the wreath sold benefit the Air Capital Flyers Special Olympics Team.

Wreaths are also on display at:
Paperback Exchange Book Store
126 N. West ST
Wichita, KS.
Hours 9:30 am – 6:00 pm. Monday thru Saturday.

1 Sep

Drop In The Bucket Campaign – 30 Day Challenge

Drop in the Bucket Campaign

The Drop in the Bucket Campaign is my plea for every supporter (family, guardian, friend, coworker, etc.) of the Air Capital Flyers to get involved in helping to financially support our team in order to continue the mission of creating sporting and socialization opportunities free of charge to any individual with an intellectual disability.
Many times you might feel like your donation is a ‘drop in the bucket’ but in our eyes every drop counts and is usable to sustain the future of the Flyers.

What we are asking is that you consider donating to the Flyers (Let’s say $50 or any $ amount would be greatly appreciated) and challenge 5 more individuals or families to donate to the Drop in the Bucket Campaign as well. Then ask them to continue the campaign by challenging 5 of their friends or family members and those individuals will keep the challenge going. As the challenge is spread, our ‘Bucket’ level will raise from a drop to overflowing.

Simply put; pick a monetary value, accept the challenge, meet the challenge, spread the challenge, and watch our Bucket overflow!

Remember every donation, no matter how big or small, counts and is greatly appreciated.

We are hoping the Drop in the Bucket Campaign will be a huge success and will help us to avoid having to do a slew of small fundraisers or having to charge the athletes to participate in each sport.
Drop in the Bucket Campaign Goal: $40,000 (enough to support the team financially for one year).

Accept this 30 day challenge!!!

There are two ways to donate: send a check or money order to the Air Capital Flyers (address below) or simply click on the donate button at the top of our website (www.acflyers.com) and donate electronically. Your donation is tax deductible. Each donor will receive his/her tax receipt upon making your on-line donation or through the mail after their check has been deposited. Although on line donations simplify the process, there are processing fees involved with both PayPal and Bank of America for this convenience.

Mailing address:
Air Capital Flyers
Special Olympics Kansas 670
907 Wilbur Lane
Wichita, KS 67212

“Doing nothing for others is the undoing of ourselves” – Horace Mann

Thank you,
Glenn Jones
Air Capital Flyers Director

20 Aug
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Physical Status Notification


According to our records, your current physical will expire as of December 31, 2014. In order to participate in Special Olympics next year, you will need a new physical on file with the Flyers and Special Olympics Kansas.

Since several of our team members will be completing their school physicals in the upcoming weeks, we wanted to get this notification to you which would allow you to complete both forms at one time. It has taken sometime, but we have convinced Special Olympics Kansas to accept the Kansas High School physical form as an acceptable form, however, YOU still must sign and date the Special Olympics form for your physical to be valid. Any physical forms returned to me between now and the first of the year will be good for 2 years.

You may either bring your completed form to practice or mail it to my home address. I will see to it that both the State and Area offices receive a copy of your new physical.

Please retrieve the required physical form from our web site, go to www.acflyers.com, Forms, Special Olympics Kansas Physical form.

Unless you have been notified, you do not need to complete the Down Syndromes form, as this form is a one-time enrollment form.

A few of you have issued me a physical this week, however, this report will not reflect your submittal based on when this report was ran.

Click Link to Review expiration date:Air_Capital_Delegation_8-20-14

Glenn Jones
Air Capital Flyers – Director
907 Wilbur
Wichita, KS 67212

15 Aug
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Volleyball Schedule


You can now retrieve our volleyball schedule from our web site by clicking the link below.

Click Link:Volleyball 2014

7 Aug
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Call for Involvement!!

When I decided to begin the Flyers organization my goal was to reach out to new athletes and get them involved. I believed, “if I start it, they will come”. I never imagined twelve years later the Air Capital Flyers would be the largest local program registered with Special Olympics Kansas.

One of the foundational beliefs of the Flyers was to provide as many sporting opportunities free of charge to any individual that wanted to be involved. We have been proud of the fact that we have been able to do that for twelve years. Many of our athletes would not be able to participate in a single sport if we had to ask them to pay a fee. I hope to continue this tradition for many years to come.

As the number of athletes has grown so has our budget to continue providing these opportunities for them. For many years the team was able to sustain financially on the profits of our weekly bingo fundraiser. Bingo was the ideal fundraiser for us because it generated a large profit with minimal time and personnel commitment. We didn’t have to solicit individuals, no wacky promotions, no items to deliver, no money to collect, and the athletes weren’t put in a compromising position to spend money collected or eat fundraiser items. However, times have changed, the economy isn’t as strong, online gambling has picked up and the Kansas Star Casino opened its doors just a few miles south of the bingo hall luring in many of our customers. We, as a team, have reached a point where Bingo is no longer enough to sustain the Flyers financial needs as the sole source of income and need to start looking at new fundraising initiatives.

I have tried several small fundraisers throughout the years with mixed success. Our Cookie Dough Campaign always brings in a nice profit but only a handful of athletes and parents participate. I have issued pledge sheets along with our basketball information the past three years. Only TWO individuals have accepted that challenge and followed through with their commitment.

It is time for every athlete and family to get involved. Our financial stability and our program structure rely on your willingness and ability to get involved. The following is a list of suggestions to get involved:

  • As a family, hold a “Give it Up” campaign for the Flyers. Consider “Giving Up” a regular activity (examples: Eating out, going to movies, buying soda, shopping for new clothes) for a month and donate the money you save to the Flyers.


  • Spread the word to your friends and families on Social Media (Facebook, twitter, Instagram). Tell them how the Flyers have influenced you through participation in sports and ask them to help support the team with a donation so that you are able to continue participating in sporting opportunities free of charge.


  • Create a “Loose Coin Can” for your family, roommates, or self. Label an empty container and drop your loose coins in it and at the end of the month (or designated time) and donate it to the Flyers.


  • Find out if your employer has a “Matching Gift Program”. Complete the required paper work and your efforts are doubled.


These are only a few suggestions. Get creative, band together on fundraising if you desire. Share your ideas and success stories with other members of the team.

The time to get involved is NOW!


Fun Flyers Facts:

Number of Athletes served: 213

Number of Coaches: 46

Number of Sports we compete in: 14

Number of State Tournaments: 13

Number of weeks per year we hold practice: 46

Number of Volunteer hours per year: 2,080

Number of Volunteer hours planning & coordinating individual sports and state trips: Currently not being tracked or logged,

Bingo Volunteer hours: 884 per year or 10,608 hours volunteered for the past 12 years.