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Group Me App:

Group Me App:

This afternoon, my goal was simply to establish a couple Group Me Distribution list that might be needed over the next few days.  I’d I realize that establishing the list would automatically send out a notification and start a string of text.  I would have issued the following statement from as part of the notification.

Group Me App is a new communication tool that I’m trying to utilize to notify athletes, parents, coaches and staff that practice has been canceled. This Softball Group Me text is not a chat room for athletes.  This tool is intended for a one-way communication from the team.  Those of you that continue to text via the Group Me distribution text, will be removed and will not receive any type of courtesy text from the team.  Or if you elect on your own to remove yourself from the group, you will be required to check the web site, or Facebook or check your emails assuming you are part of the automatic post distribution list. (You signed up for the Newsletter via the web site)

This softball season has been more than a communication challenge.  A Weather Update Slider has been added to the web site to assist with this matter.  Those of you that signed up for the Newsletter on the web site received a Cancellation Notice email.  I’ve even sent individual or group text via my IPhone, yet way too many athletes are still appearing at Oaklawn for practice or appeared at that Saturday’s league play when notifications were issued.  I believe the amount of text issued in a short period of time through my phone carrier overload their system and get hung up and are not delivered, or delivered late.  Therefore, if you do not take the time to check the web site or Facebook, chances are you are not received the cancellation notification.

The team is doing everything we can to be efficient and effective in our communication.  We try very hard to respect your time and energy.  Please be respectful of all the individuals that are part of your Group Me Distribution list by not replying to any of the message issued via Group Me.  If you have a question sent it directly to me via the normal channels of communication you utilized in the past.